About Us

Ketchikan Youth Initiatives explained on CBS interview:

Our Background:

Ketchikan Youth Initiatives was spawned from a community meeting called “Getting Outside the Box” in December 2004 after the deaths of two young men from a misuse of prescription drugs.  This meeting of 15 youth ages 14 to 18, also attended by interested youth-related organizations who were there to “listen”, addressed the needs of youth in our community.  It was facilitated by Bobbie McCreary and Yeda Hicks, counselor in the City of Saxman, both of whom were active members of the Revilla Island Prevention Coalition.   Four months of intensive work, much led by AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers in town, led to the formation of Ketchikan Youth Initiatives (KYI) in April 2005 as an Alaskan non-profit corporation.  The needs identified at the meeting in 2004have been clarified since and have evolved into the following 5 long-range goals:

  • Healthy Alternative Activities – Safely build the esteem and competency of teens and young adults.
  • Fostering Youth Leadership – Provide a youth voice on issues of concern to  the future of our community.
  • Developing Job Ready Workers – Prepare youth to successfully enter the workforce and contribute to our community’s economy.
  • Fiscal Sustainability – Assure a sound financial base to support continuity and growth.
  • Capacity Building – Develop and evaluate our organizational effectiveness.

These goals have evolved to incorporate emphasis on community service activities and life skills programming, particularly for young adults.

Our Mission Statement:

Our youth-directed and adult-mentored programs promote healthy activities, develop leadership skills and  create a capable workforce of teens and young adults.

Our Slogan and Core Values:

Give our youth LEGS to stand on (Listen    Empower    Guide    Skills)

Our Operations:

KYI is governed by a board of up to 15 members.  Operations are maintained by a strong volunteer commitment for staff and outreach tasks.  Volunteer committees oversee and guide KYI activities and programs, such as a Paintball Leadership Team,Youth Leadership Council, a WORK Shoppe Management Team and separate committees for events and activities.Volunteers welcomed.