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You can direct your funding to a specific need or to the general operations of Ketchikan Youth Initiatives.

General Programing/Operations – Sustainable Pledges to Support Staffing –  To support ongoing operations and programming including centralized youth event calendar; KYI groups for youth artists, writers, gamers, skatepark users group, outdoor activities, young parents; life skills workshops for young adults; study buddies; youth to work job readiness; KYI administrative support for social media, public relations and community service outreach.  Volunteers are encouraged to help with program development and mentoring as well as administrative tasks.

Youth Community Center – Target: $80000 – To complete the redevelopment of the old Water Warehouse at 632 Park Avenue into a vibrant center serving youth ages 14 to 24. This project is 2/3 complete as of July 2013. Remaining is completion of exterior siding and windows, interior framing and drywall, electrical, plumbing and sprinklers, weatherization and interior finish work. In December 2013 KYI was awarded a $98,300 “top off” grant to complete the last part of the youth center development. We will be working diligently on completion of this project in 2014. Volunteers are encouraged to assist with carpentry and plumbing work to complete the construction.

Shane Howard White Skateboard Park “Raise the Roof” Campaign KICK OFF -Target: $50,000 – by 12/31/2014. To install a roof over Phase One of the skatepark. The total cost, including the columns, is estimated at $158,000. For more information  Click here (KYIRaisetheRoof 2014) Volunteers are encouraged to assist with creating and maintaining a safe place for our youth to skate and to watch.

Hot Shots Paintball Field – Target: $5000 – To support leadership training for youth operations and management teams to run this non-profit business venture. Sales and equipment rentals to groups and individuals and proceeds from fund-raising events like the paintball booth at July 4th cover the ongoing expenses in order to maintain an affordable cost for young players. During the summer of 2014 we worked with an AmeriCorps NCCC team of young adults to build a woodsball park across from the original site. (Cape Fox, the landowner, needs to recover the rock quarry to provide rock to DOT.) Volunteers are encouraged to assist with building the entry trail and a staging area for the new woodsball field plus transfer of materials from the prior field.


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