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Please note that this is a streaming camera and will continue to reload, and draw bandwidth.  Be sure to navigate away from this page when not viewing it to avoid wasting data on your mobile device or home computer. This feed is also archived for safety reasons.

Safety Gear Available!

For the safety of our skatepark users (skateboards, scooters and in-line skates) helmets are required and other safety gear is highly recommended. If you cannot afford a helmet, KYI has helmets which have been donated by the community that you can check out.  (If you need a second one, the replacement cost is $7.00) There are also donated safety pads and wrist-guards available by request from a parent or guardian. (These are valued at $30.00 and must be carefully cared for).   Members of the Users Group can check out this safety gear to you from the equipment shed. Call 225-1424 for information. 

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