Vandalism and Shooting at Paintball Field

OK Ketchikan, here are the facts.

Safety of people at the new woodsball park or any of the Cape Fox land KYI uses is our MAJOR CONCERN… not just while we are working…but ANY time we are on that site. Wednesday morning (June 25th) between 9 and 11 am.shots were heard overhead by two AmeriCorps NCCC work team members…likely coming FROM the ridge on the other side of the valley….south of Revilla Road. Shots that were fired TOWARDS Revilla Road? These two work team members were at the end of the new park area closest to the KYI headquarters building. Other team members and youth volunteers were at the other end of the field and were not bothered by the shooting (not THIS TIME…) And as these shots occurred mid day on a weekday…the “partying” at night concept does not apply to this particular event.

The woodsball park site definitely has some problems when it comes to people shooting the field area. A few weeks ago when we started working we heard some distant sounds of gunshots in the afternoon, but didn’t think much of it. The most recent shooting, however, I could tell that the shots were fired closer. It was so loud and frightening that I stopped work and headed up to the road. What surprised me the most was the proximity of the gun shots and the duration of the event! I didn’t know people would be out shooting so long! The fact that there was vandalism at the KYI building the next day didn’t help me feel better about the event. How could we expect the youth of Ketchikan to play in such a dangerous location? It made me feel unsafe, both for my safety and for the youths’ safety. Miyuki Fukui
Yuki and I were working about 50 yards off Revilla road when we began to hear consistent shots fired parallel to where we were. The only thing between us and the bullets, that we could hear moving through brush and hitting wood maybe 25 yards away, was a little creek. Kaleija Inniss


The Alaska State Troopers say they can’t do anything about this safety concern because it is on private land.That answer just doesn’t work for me! We have to wait until someone is injured to exercise public safety measures? We hear the radio transmissions all the time from State Troopers on Revilla Road addressing people with warrants, expired licenses etc. They also have the key to the White River property so they have full access to the entire area along Revilla Road.The Cape Fox security guard patrols this area continually, telling people they can’t shoot on private land…that they could accidentally injury someone, on tours, hiking, playing paintball etc. Cape Fox posts signs and the signs are shot and torn down. They have identified people doing the shooting with pictures and vehicle license numbers.. What does it take for law enforcement to act on this violation of public safety?

Door Break in with Sign Door Crashed Door handle and Lock Damage Over the seven years we have been in business, KYI has born the brunt of many acts of vandalism at the “old rock pit” site. However this time the damage to the paintball headquarters building door was so VIOLENT, so AGGRESSIVE that it stands out above ALL the other vandalism we have suffered. In addition, there were new holes shot in the paintball building when the team arrived Thursday morning to find the door destroyed and standing open. Nothing was stolen, although tools and paintball netting were thrown across the road, water and juice containers sliced in half and thrown on the field, sheet metal on the back of the building torn away. Maybe the events coincidentally occurred in the same time frame…there could be more than one offender involved… We don’t have these answers BUT WE DO HAVE THE CONCERN. Your help is needed to help the State Troopers take action…or whatever is needed to MAKE THIS STOP NOW!