Suicide Prevention

Local teen talks about suicide.


There Once Was A Girl Who Gave Up

By Jordan Flory, Kayhi Senior

On September 13, 1995, that girl was born, bright eyed and innocent to the ways of the world. All was good. As she grew up she learned about the hardships of life. Not only did these hardships cause her to become numb and distant, she also felt that there was no way out. That no one understood. That NO ONE could help. Her heart felt cold and empty. Somehow, it didn’t matter how many friends she had. It didn’t matter that she had a loving supportive family waiting at home. She knew there were people to talk to, but she didn’t know that there were people who understood. Giving up on living was the only possible fix she could see.

The story ends there.

Suicide is like burning a book before you finish reading it.

If you end your life, you’ll never be able to see what would have happened if you had stayed; if you had stuck it out; if you had gotten help.

I, Jordan Flory, attempted suicide last year.  That story, about the girl who gave up; that was my story. Yet here I am! Able to tell you about it! Why? Because I learned, the hard way, that there IS a way out. There ARE people who care. They DO understand.

If I had succeeded in ending my life, I never would have laughed again. I never would have felt butterflies in my stomach again. I never would have seen my little sister smile again. I never would have experienced the good things in life again. No words can describe how grateful I am to be here, to be alive, and to be happy.

Instead of, “The Girl Who Gave Up”, I became, “The Girl Who Grew Up.”